Thursday, April 28, 2011

No more freeloading

Today I looked in on the bees. Literally...I took the top off the hive and looked in. They have the comb fully drawn out in the honey super so no more feeding. They will now have to gather necter for their sugar water fix. No more freeloading!

Last night was the final class in the beginners beekeeping class. It was nice to be able to have things explained that I had only read about. I asked the teacher if bees built queen cells just for the sake of building them. He said they will sometimes build the cups just to haave them on hand but unless they need a new queen they won't have larva in them. Now I need to look for the queen again.

For anyone in Arkansas interested the contact info for instructor is...

Jon Zawislak

University of Arkansas

Cooperation Extention service

2301 University Ave.

Little Rock, AR 72204


He says email is the best way to get a good answer because he travels withhis job so much.


  1. I really am amazed at the weights on each side of the hive - is it windy where you live ??

  2. It's not usually windy but we sometimes have storms blow through with high winds. The weights may or may not be needed but I look at them as cheap insurance. I'm new to bees so all of my information is what I've read or was told in the recent class. Everyone seems to think the weighted top is a good idea but you almost never see a picture of a hive with a weighted top.